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Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy-Con

  • Product Code: NS20009
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $299.99
  • $249.99

This bundle includes the Nintendo Switch console and Nintendo Switch dock in black, and left and right Joy?Con controllers in a contrasting gray. It also includes all the extras you need to get started.

Matthew Mattioli 2021-05-19

I love my Switch, this console really brings me back to my childhood, there is something about it that recaptured that magic I felt playing my Super Nintendo and even the GameCube. I've played every Nintendo console and while I was a major fan of the early ones, after the Cube, I got sucked into the Xbox 360 and then the PS4, but, this console is the first I've played in years that brings me back to that childhood magic. I got this console on a whim after watching Detective Pikachu and realizing how much I missed Pokémon games, so I had to get Let's Go Pikachu and pre-order Pokémon Shield, as well as getting back into Mario, and checking out Fire Emblem Warriors which is totally amazing. All in all, not only are the exclusive games amazing, but, the console and even the joycon controller rig are something special. I can't put my finger on it, and I really can't put it into words, but this is a great system and for kids or those trying to rediscover the child inside of them, this is a must have. Just don't try to get inside a child with this is, or you're going to jail sicko.

Michael Cannon 2021-04-23

The red box tells you that this is the new model with twice the battery life. I never owned the previous model but I can tell you that I played in handheld mode mostly from 11:30 am to 4:30 pm with the exception of lunch, and I played 'til about 4 pm before I got the low battery warning. I watched a Youtube video that also showed that the colors on the screen are more accurate and the cooling system has been improved. So if you're wanting to play Witcher 3 on here, I recommend getting this one, as that power hungry game might warp the chassis from overheating. On top of that they are the same price right now, so I don't think anyone should get the old model until the price goes down.

Rich Hirschinger 2021-05-15

Me and my family have only just received it and it is awesome.

So far, the battery does seem to be lasting a bit longer and for the casual gamer, like me, I'm enjoying it.

I was slightly worried that I wouldn't get the updated version, but it wasn't an issue. I got exactly what I ordered.

Spencer Ballard 2021-05-14

Finally I could get a flawless Switch console in my hands , this one is perfect , battery life, even the joysticks feels more premium now. I super ultra buster mega recommend this one, best switch version ever.

David Proscia 2021-05-13

I wished the older version had a longer battery life, and voila! Nintendo released this version. Great console. Lots of games to play, solo or with friends.

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