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Nintendo Switch Diablo III Eternal Collection Bundle

  • Product Code: NS20003
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  • $359.99
  • $299.99

The Nintendo Switch Diablo III Eternal Collection Bundle includes an exclusive Diablo III themed Nintendo Switch console and dock, a Diablo III Edition Carrying Case, and a download code for the Diablo III Eternal Collection game.

James Hogan 2021-07-05

This is so cool!! It's so small i can fit it in my pocket, . . . Barely. But the smaller screen doesn't make smaller text harder to read. (NOTICE) You MUST Be connected to Wifi if you want to play digital games unless you're playing on a Linked account. If your account is linked you can play any game digitally. Because my account is linked i am able to play Cuphead because it hasn't come out as a Game cartrige yet. Anyways. If you travel alot, Get the switch lite. If you stay at home, get the normal switch. I got the lite because it's Small, Portable, And it plays just as good as a Regular switch. However. You are ABSOLUTELY Unable to use the dock. You have to use the normal charger. But Do recommend to anyone looking for a good game at a cheap price.

Gwendolyn Berrisford 2021-07-10

I was heavily debating on buying the switch for a long time, even before the lite came out. I have no regrets with this purchase and I have no problems with this product at the moment...

This is good for people who enjoy video games, but have no desire or preference to connect it to television.

It is lightweight and the plastic has a matte-like finish making it nice to hold.

One thing to be aware of though: the battery does die a little quick, especially if you plan to have a long playing session..so if you're heading out of the house with this you may want to bring your charger with you!

Ajinkya Shah 2021-07-09

Ive always wanted a switch, but didnt want to pay 300 for it. I heard about the lite that came out saw the price and decided to try it out. Totally worth it. Battery life is great, graphics are awesome. Its perfect if you don't desire to play it on the TV. If you don't have a switch already, would recommend this simply because it's quite a bit cheaper than a regular one. Literally the only difference between this and the regulator one is it cant plug in a TV and the side controls dont come off. But you can sync a controller on there if you want.

Lynn Morneweck-Fuld 2021-07-27

I bought the grey switch lite for my brother and he loves it. It is significantly lighter weight than my original switch therefore making it great for travel. He's always on the go and it works perfectly for him. If you travel frequently and want something not as bulky as the original switch then I highly recommend the lite version. My husband now wants one. If you have kids it's great for them to each have their own without breaking the bank to buy several original switch's.

Anahita Seyedi 2021-07-21

After a little trouble with UPS delivering this to an empty house a street over from me, I finally got my Switch lite and Pokemon Sword. I haven't really gotten to play; Im a teacher and have to be in bed by a certain time. That being said, what I have gotten to do it so much fun. I love how the Switch feels, it's easy to get used to and I love that I can walk around with it very easily. Breath of the Wild is my next purchase and I'm excited to finally play it.

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