Anna Henderson 2021-05-30

This switch has many features, so I'll keep it short. For $200, this thing is mind blowing. If you want a switch but at put off by the huge size of the original, or are never going to use the TV docking, the lite is absolutely perfect. The grey is great too. Only issue is games are expensive.

Sochilt Brown 2021-05-31

I prefer this over the older switch, as this allows me to take my switch and go without having to worry about charging each of the individual controllers. This makes it easier to charge and it is easier to carry and use, it is a great companion system when you go on those long trips.

Dale Sato 2021-06-16

This Switch Lite was purchased so I can play 2 games for Pokemon and trade back and forth. I like this style better for ease of use when simply using the buttons and the toggle switches. It's slightly smaller than the original Switch, which I also like.

Garrett Anderson 2021-06-29

Wonderful system! This is my second Nintendo Switch console, and I do not think I'll go back to my original model! Perfect for those strictly handheld players such as myself! Well made and ergonomic design, perfect for feminine or young hands!

Emmanuel Owusu Boamah 2021-06-02

I wanted a new handheld gaming system. It fits perfectly for my small hands and runs my favorite games great! Highly impressed and glad I bought ! ^-^

Honestly the perfect thing to have during this lockdown ^-^