Darlene Lawrence 2021-07-31

I always wanted to buy a Switch Lite since launch, but sadly, in my country, the Switch Lite costs around 280. I don't know why is so expensive here, but I'm glad I got this through Amazon. The product came sealed, everything was inside the box, and in perfect conditions. Thanks to this cheaper option, I can now buy some games. If handhelds are your thing, this is a great option. Amazing price. Really happy for the purchase.

Cathryn Enriquez 2021-06-10

I bought this for my 13 year old for Christmas and he barely puts it down. He specifically asked for a yellow one and says it is "great" so I guess it is. I admit I don't play it but felt a parental point-of-view might be helpful to some. My wife and I do watch what he plays and he hasn't been playing anything age inappropriate. Since he likes it, we feel it was worth the purchase as a gift.

Shawana tubbs 2021-06-07

I'm very happy with my new Yellow Switch Lite! The yellow color is vibrant and the white buttons really add to the cute design. It's comfortable to hold, the buttons are soft and the joysticks are accurate. Didn't take long to get used to the smaller screen, and I'm very satisfied with the battery life. Overall, I believe this will be the gaming console I keep with me for many years to come.

ninette flores 2021-06-12

I absolutely love this thing. Maybe its cause I never had the regular switch but I really enjoy it. I wish it had the same battery life as the newer regular switch but still it's so cute and fun to play with and the games the switch offers are great it's slim case I got for it fit in my bag great. It's just a lot of fun.

Diamond Clay 2021-06-30

I'm in love. Amazing handheld console. Great quality screen resolution. So lightweight and portable. Perfect for what I need. The sound quality on it is okay. Would suggest using headphones for a better experience for games such as Skyrim or Witcher. Overall I'm a huge fan of my Nintendo Switch Lite.