Natalie Mendoza 2021-06-08

Love It! Have thought about getting a Nintendo switch one day, wanted to, glad I got the Nintendo Switch Lite! It is fun! Glad can play Nintendo switch games on it! Very good system! Cheaper than the Nintendo Switch! Would recommend it to anyone that likes video games, wants something that is not as much as the Nintendo Switch, a little cheaper, is a good game system!

Christopher Graves 2021-07-12

I was a bit worried about how it would work since I also own a regular Switch, but as long as the games are closed on the other I can pick up and continue playing them on the Lite. It's really awesome. You can even transfer all your saves easily and re-download all your digital purchases! I'm so happy i finally got this after holding out so long.

Israel Bonilla 2021-07-15

I sold my Console Switch after buying this. The lite is better for mobile gaming, if you need something for the commute or whatever. The switch lite is what you should get. The console switch is good for people who activly play on a TV with friends, if you're a solo mobile gamer, get the lite.

Jonathan Rinaldi 2021-07-22

When the package arrived I couldn't believe how small it's dimensions were! But hey after a few hours of playing ssbu I got used to it, my hands just adapted. I recommend getting a device case and screen protector as the screen isn't made of glass and more of a plastic material.

Melissa Jacobsen 2021-06-26

Perfect for those that already own a Nintendo switch and want a dock less switch. I absolutely love the switch lite my Nintendo switch that i keep at home i can sync with the switch lite and continue my game play transferring my save data between the two.