Kaleb Hummel 2021-06-16

I've wanted a Nintendo Switch, however already owning a PS4 and using a Gaming PC I didnt want another console and I didnt wanna dish out money for a console I wouldnt use. The switch lite has the best of mobility and compatibility. I bout a grey and yellow one, for myself and my girlfriend. Both work great! Only complaint is it wasnt very hand ergonomic, but we each got a case for it and problem solved! 4/5 due to Ergo issue.

Kiranmai Bendhi Sankara 2021-07-09

I like this system. 1) it's way easier (and way less scary) to throw in my purse and drag around to work and waiting rooms, 2) it's more comfortable to hold than the Switch original, and 3) it's turquoise. I own a Switch, too, and it's still my favorite console to date, but the SL works for me better as a portable than the Switch does, and that's all I was hoping for with this hand held.

Omari Cannon 2021-07-17

I got myself one of these, and my boyfriend one as well! I absolutely love Nintendo products, and I haven't been disappointed by these consoles. They feel great to hold in adult hands, and the buttons are clicky and satisfying. Super intuitive gameplay, and so worth the money! I prefer handheld gaming over TV play, so this was a much better deal for me than the original Switch.

Zheye Zhang 2021-06-21

I have been waiting since the original switch release date for Nintendo to come out with a handheld only version. And here it is. I'm 40+ years old. Hogging the TV for hours on a console is out of the question. But playing on the switch while sitting with the family during tv time is great. The switch lite feels much more comfortable to hold compared to the full size version.

Byron Johnson 2021-07-27

If you're not looking to add another console next to the PS4 this is a perfectly built system. One charger cord and that's it, keep it simple.

Extremely light and comfortable in hands, screen brightness and sound are good, D Pad is a much needed upgrade.

Plus, you can run SNES games off it to through the Nintendo subscription. Don't hesitate you won't be disappointed.